Parapiro’s Pizzeria Puerto de la Duquesa (Manilva)

Have you ever tasted an authentic artisan Italian wood-fired pizza? Look no further, in the Puerto de la Duquesa, Manilva at Pizzería Parapiro’s you will find the most delicious, 100% hand made by this Italian family.

All our ingredients are fresh, first-quality and imported straight from Italy, such as our Italian hams and cheeses. And what would be a good pizza without a wooden oven? We have a real wooden oven, in which we do our authentic artisan wood-fired pizzas, obtaining that unique flavor which distinguishes us from other pizzerias.

Diners who come to Pizzería Parapiro’s to taste our artisan wood-fired delicious pizzas, will no doubt find a perfect pizza for them, taking into account the wide variety we offer. Among many others hand-crafted pizzas, they will be able to choose between the traditional Al Prosciutto (tomato, mozzarella, ham and oregano), our vegetarian Parapiro’s (Specialty of the house with vegetables), the creamy Gorgonzola (tomato, mozzarella and gorgonzola), the amazing Calzone (tomato, ham, mushrooms and oregano (closed pizza)), the appetizing Al Tonno (tomato, mozzarella, tuna, onion and oregano), the Al Salame Piccante (tomato, mozzarella, peperoni and oregano) and the fantastic Al Carpaccio (fresh tomato, mozzarella , slices of beef, parmesan and garlic).

A visit here will ensure you receive nothing but the finest food and a warm welcome.